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4 Areas of Legal Expertise You Can’t Avoid

You will likely need to hire an attorney at some point in your life to help with a variety of things. Perhaps you just inherited a significant sum of money that requires the assistance of a trust lawyer. Or, if you’ve ever been in an accident, you know how helpful a personal injury attorney is.

Below are 4 areas of legal expertise you will likely need in your lifetime.

Family Law

As unfortunate as it may be, the United States processes a substantial number of divorce cases every year. If you find yourself upside down in a marriage, there’s a chance you could need a divorce attorney on your side. This type of attorney prepares all documentation needed by the court to properly and legally end a marriage license. This attorney will also help ensure assets are divided equally among both parties.

Additionally, if children are involved in a divorce, it’s best to have an attorney work with the court to come to a mutual understanding for both parents.

Probate Law

You will also likely inherit property or money at some point in your life. Mostly likely the wishes of a deceased parent, you’ll need to work with an attorney to properly claim your inheritance and provide legal documentation. A will or trust is often established, in which you will work with an attorney to take over any funds or property left to you. Remember, it’s important to work with this type of probate or trust lawyer prior to any tragedy occurring in your family. If you can properly define assets and funds before a sick or elderly family member passes on, it will be easier to handle down the road.

Business Law

Starting a business will also require the assistance of an attorney. Business law firms like Scheid Cleveland of Denver help new businesses become legally established. Meaning, every business owner will need to establish his or her business as a legal entity – a sole proprietorship, LLC, S-corp or C-corp. Until a business is designated as an official entity, the state or local city government won’t recognize it as a real business. A business law attorney will also help with things like employee contracts, employee disputes and lawsuits, as well as any potential lawsuits from customers.

Personal Injury Law

Finally, make yourself familiar with personal injury law. You will at some point be involved in a vehicular accident whether it is your fault or not. And if you happen to get injured in a car accident, you’ll need legal assistance to prove your case. This type of personal injury lawyer will assess the damage you sustained, coordinate medical records from doctors and attorneys, and help you get a settlement for your injuries. The best part of working with a personal injury lawyer is that you won’t be required to pay the attorney’s fees until a case is settled in your name.

What Other Types of Law Impact You?

These are some of the most popular fields of law, but you may need to rely on other types of law throughout your career. For example, real estate investors work with real estate lawyers to avoid common legal pitfalls. Likewise, business owners may need to hire a tax attorney if there are issues with annual taxes. In any case, it’s best to be prepared and have the right type of qualified lawyer in your corner.

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